Criminal Defense Law ServicesCriminal Defense: When you are in a difficult situation and need whip-smart representation, have Tony Liker, Attorney at Law fight in your corner. Located in Elko, Nevada, Mr. Liker has over 20 years of experience in state law as a former prosecutor and judicial clerk. Once he’s on the case, he will take all the legal angles into consideration and work hard to win. 

Attorney Tony Liker will guide you through the legal process from the initial consultation to your day in court. Whether you are considering bankruptcy, or filing for a divorce, he’ll give you the straight answers you need to move forward. He will answer every question you have and devote his time to your case. His Services also  include:

Law Services:

* Drunk Driving 
* Other Felony & Misdemeanor Charges

Criminal Law:

* Drug Offenses
* Theft 
* Assault & Battery 
* Domestic Batteries 
* Homicide 
* Embezzlement 
* Forgery
* Sexual Crimes
* Felonies
* Misdemeanors
* Restraining Orders 
* Warrants
* Traffic Citation


* Chapter 7/13 
* Solves Financial Problems 
* Loan Modification
* Short Sales 
* Foreclosures


Criminal Defense Law Services by Tony Liker. Elko, Nevada